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Keeping It Clean: Understanding Water Tank Cleaning Regulations in Dubai

Keeping It Clean: Understanding Water Tank Cleaning Regulations in Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning 09 May 24

Clean water tank cleaning is essential for keeping our water safe and healthy to use. Imagine a world where the water we drink, cook with, and bathe in is not clean—it could lead to sickness and discomfort. 

That's why it's important to pay attention to our water tank cleaning habits. In Dubai, there are rules and guidelines that help ensure our water tank cleaning practices are up to scratch. 
These regulations are like a set of instructions that tell us how often we should clean our water tanks and what standards we need to meet to keep our water clean and safe. So, understanding these water tank cleaning regulations in Dubai is crucial for our well-being.

Why Clean Water Tanks Matter:

Clean water tanks are super important for homes and businesses alike. Imagine turning on the tap and getting water that's not clean - not a pleasant thought, right? Water tank cleaning is crucial because it keeps our water safe to drink and use. 

When water tanks get dirty, nasty things can start to grow in them, like bacteria. These little guys can make us sick if we drink or use the water. That's why regular water tank cleaning is key. It helps get rid of all the yucky stuff and keeps our water nice and clean. 

So, whether it's for your home or your business, keeping those water tanks clean is a must!

Understanding Water Tank Cleaning Regulations:

In Dubai, water tank cleaning is serious business, and there are rules in place to make sure it's done right. The authorities have laid down some regulations to keep our water tank cleaning practices up to scratch.

Firstly, let's talk about how often you need to get your water tank cleaning done. For both homes and businesses, there are standards to follow. Residential tanks should ideally be cleaned every six months to keep the water fresh and safe to use. Commercial tanks might need even more frequent cleaning, depending on their size and usage.

Now, let's dive into the standards. When it comes to water tank cleaning in Dubai, it's not just a matter of rinsing it out. There are specific guidelines to follow to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection. This includes using approved cleaning agents and techniques to remove any dirt, sediment, or bacteria that might be lurking in the tank.

But what happens if you don't follow these regulations? Well, the consequences can be pretty serious. If your water tank cleaning isn't up to par, you could end up with contaminated water. 

This poses a risk to your health and the health of others who use the water. Plus, you might also face penalties or fines for failing to comply with the regulations.

So, it's essential to stay on top of your water tank cleaning duties in Dubai. By following the regulations and keeping your tanks clean, you can ensure that your water is safe and healthy for everyone to use.

Safety Requirements

Owners & Operators Responsibilities

  • Always provide adequate supervision
  • The property owner/management must conduct risk assessments of water features and all associated activities as well as provide the output of risk assessment and taken control measures to all employees supervising water features activities.
  • Qualifying and training site supervisors on the required safety procedures.
  • Provide appropriate warning and precautionary signs to the public regarding safety rules and in appropriate languages.
  • The water feature and its surroundings must be regularly maintained.
  • Maintain the treatment process of plant growth and sediments on a regular basis.
  • Perform periodic cleaning and disinfection of water features and water treatment according to the Technical Guidelines of the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems issued by Dubai Municipality (DM-HSD-GU44-LCWS2).
  • The water feature that produces spray or aerosol should be maintained and kept clean.
  • Water sample testing should be conducted according to DM technical guidelines.
  • The property owner/ management must develop an emergency action plan for incidents associated with the water features. This should also cover:
  • Rescue operations within the water features
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid
  • How to call for assistance/help
  • Incident details reporting to relevant government entities.

For more information you can look into this article of Safety Requirements.

General Guidance

The owners, principal manager, or person in charge of the premises should comply with their legal duties as following:-

Regular Maintenance Procedures

a) The individual designated to oversee Legionella management should possess adequate training in Legionella control measures.

b) Keep the water system clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacteria growth. Regular visual inspections should be made at least every week to avoid the build-up of dirt, organic matter or other debris.

c) All water system which create a water spray or aerosol, and Spa pools must be treated and maintained to minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria contamination.

d) The premise shall have Flushing policy and Run all taps and showers in guest rooms and other areas for several minutes to draw through water at least once a week if rooms are unoccupied, and always prior to occupation.

e) Any cooling water system including its make-up water tanks must be fitted with an automatic biocide dosing device for effective management of corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbial growth. And should work properly all the year.

f) Cooling tower should be located so that the drift directed away from the air-intake system, operable window and entrances of the building. Cooling tower must be fitted with drift eliminators.

g) All cooling water system, including all associated tanks, pumps, pipes, water filters and fittings, must be emptied, cleaned and disinfected at least once every six (6) months and if legionella is detected in the system.

h) It is imperative that water storage tanks, water heaters (calorifiers), and water filters undergo thorough emptying, cleaning, and disinfection on a biannual basis. This frequency should increase if Legionella is identified within the system.

i) Dead legs, including stagnant lines and stubs, must be promptly eliminated or disconnected from the water system to prevent stagnation.

j) Keep hot water (warm water) hot at all time: It should be maintained at temperatures (50 – 60 °C) and cold water cold at all times: It should be maintained at temperatures below 20 °C.

k) Water system (hot, warm and cold water) must be flashed at least every six month and if legionella is detected in the system , the water should be heated to at least 70°C for 5 minutes or treated with chlorine to have a minimum free chlorine level of 1-2 mg/l at every outlet.

l) Shower heads and taps should be kept clean regularly, and disinfected at least quarterly and if legionella is detected in the system.


Water quality must be tested as mentioned in Table (1 and 2) and the test results must be available for inspection by the Dubai Municipality staff.

Sampling and testing must be carried out for the presence of bacteria, both

a) General (aerobic) bacterial species

b) Legionella bacteria.

Records and manuals

a) A comprehensive risk assessment and control plan should be established to guarantee the safe operation, maintenance, and monitoring of the water system. This scheme is vital for ensuring the continuous safety of the water system.

b) Layout of the Sampling points locations according to the risk assessment survey of all water system in the building that pose a risk to human health.

c) All water system schematic, manuals for operation and maintenance procedures.

d) System water method for volume, date and determination

e) Inspections, maintenance, infection control dates and results of each inspection.

f) Details of treatment procedures, type and use of biocide, Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used (MSDS).

g) The individuals accountable for the operation and shutdown of the system should be clearly identified.

h) Result of any testing of the system and microbiological testing of water samples.

The records mentioned above must be accessible for inspection by Dubai Municipality personnel and should be submitted every two weeks to

For more details visit this article of General Guidance.

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Winding Up

When picking the right water tank cleaning service, it's crucial to look at a few things. First off, check out their reputation. You want a company that people trust and speak highly of. Next, consider their experience. 

How long have they been in the water tank cleaning business? More experience often means better service. 

Then, there's pricing. While you don't want to overpay, be wary of super cheap options—they might skimp on quality. Lastly, read customer reviews. What do other people say about their water tank cleaning experience?

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