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Mold in Your AC Duct?

Mold in Your AC Duct?

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Mold can grow in air ducts if your AC unit is too large for your space. A larger unit can cool a small space too quickly and fail to dehumidify the air. Your rooms and ducts could accumulate moisture easily. Be sure you have the right size equipment for your space if you see mold soon after a new installation. We are your one-stop solution, hire AC Duct Cleaning Services to remove mold in your AC.

Types of Mold in Air Ducts

A variety of mold forms and colors can be found on your AC.

  1. Chaetomium
  2. Stachybotrys
  3. Aspergillus
  4. Mucor
  5. Acremonium

Is it worth hiring a professional to remove mold from your home?

Professional cleaners can remove mold safely and effectively, even if it seems unnecessary.

Mold cannot be removed with traditional cleaners and it can easily grow back with regular cleaning products. Professionals have the right equipment to eliminate unwanted spores, mold, and ducts.


Mold in air ducts and air vents cause multiple problems for you and your family. You can sense it during the starting stage. Symptoms of mold in your HVAC system include musty or moldy odors. Vents and ducts with mold and mildew can smell stale, wet, or rotten. 

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Visible Mold

Check the AC vents, ducts, and drip pans for the first signs of mold. Clogged drip pans - the perfect environment for mold growth. Check frequently to avoid bigger problems.

The spores are invisible but spread faster. Once mold becomes noticeable, an infestation can become quite serious. To make sure that mold doesn't return, you'll need professional help.

Turn off your AC

The air inside your home can become more noxious if you turn off your air conditioner. A polluted air conditioner can spread mold spores throughout your home.

Make sure mold is not present

Examine your central air conditioner to determine how severe the mold problem is. If you see dark spots with a fuzzy texture, you may have a mold problem. The presence of mold is a problem even if you cannot see it without any magnifying glass. If you smell something not quite fresh when you turn on your air, there could be pollution in the system.m.

Remove the air conditioner's components

We use the screwdriver to remove the grill from the window AC. The Top, back, and front filters of the cabinet are opened to clean the ducts with high-end equipment.

Cleaning the inside of an air conditioner

We apply a solution of cleaning agent and warm water to a scrubber to clean your AC unit. To get rid of mold, contact a specialist.

Professionals should take care of your air conditioner. HVAC systems are difficult to clean without damaging them, so cleaning professionals are familiar with these systems. Additionally, they will dispose the tools safely after cleaning.

Wear protective gear

For protection against potentially harmful mold, we wear safety goggles, a face mask, and more. We clean every corner of your Air Conditioning to process well.

You might become ill if you are exposed to mold. Consider hiring a professional if you are concerned about the health effects. Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai can solve all your issues quickly at affordable prices.

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