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What is Duct and Why Should You care?

What is Duct and Why Should You care?

AC Duct Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning Services 28 October 22

An air duct transports cooled and heated air throughout the home. The airflow could be generated by your air conditioner, or it could be drawn from outside, or it could be exhausted. Flexible Plastics, Fiberglass is commonly used for ducts. The shape and size of ducts depend on their routing but ensure air without any interruption. 

The ductwork of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system may collect dirt, pet dandruff, debris, dirt, and other airborne particles over time if it is not properly maintained. Every day your AC gets dirty with dust particles, remove it by booking Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services. Experts are there to help. Clean air ducts allow your HVAC system to work more efficiently, resulting in lower utility bills. The following factors can aggravate this problem and explore what is duct and why you should care.

  1. Inadequate ductwork leads to home renovations
  2. Adhesive degradation of tapes and sealants
  3. An absence of routine maintenance

It is necessary to clean your HVAC system if you find any rodents, mold growth, dust, etc., 

Air Duct Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners and dust brushes might seem like enough to clean ducts for homeowners. It's not a good idea to do this. You should not try to clean air ducts on your own. Be sure to hire a certified technician with the proper tools and equipment for better Air Duct Cleaning. 

Cleaning Ducts: What You Should Know

1.Cleaning ducts improves airflow

Duct cleaning is a permanent solution if you experience poor airflow, insufficient cooling, or hot or cold spots. You can clean your duct system by hiring professionals to get better results. 

2.Duct Cleaning Eliminates Mold and Odor

No, absolutely not. HVAC system odors cannot be eliminated by duct cleaning alone. Microbial sprays may be included in the duct cleaning process, but they are temporary and You'll smell them again! 

You can't eliminate odors by simply spraying over them. Remove the source completely to eliminate bad odors. It also includes:

  1. Mold Growth
  2. Rodents
  3. Fur deposits

Regular Air Duct Cleaning eliminates odors and purifies your air. 

Clean your ducts twice a year or every three months

The quality of indoor air can affect your health and respiratory system. Air ducts in your home need regular maintenance.

You can save money by performing simple HVAC maintenance, it also avoids duct cleaning and prevents costly repairs. Check out AC Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai to get amazing results. Specialists use high-end equipment to clean your AC, call now and book your schedule today to know more about cleaning. 

Your air ducts are not damaged by duct cleaning

Yes, it can! Some types of ductwork are particularly prone to damage. It is necessary to determine if you have any of these issues before you do any duct cleaning:

1.Rigid Ducting

If properly installed with the right sealant, this ducting will have the highest integrity of all ductwork. Specks of dust are easily removed from ducts using this method.

2.A flexible ductwork system

In AC ducts a spring is wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. Humidity can build up even more in your attic or walls. This type of ductwork is more susceptible during cleaning. 

For proper airflow distribution, each type of ductwork includes sheet metal distribution wires, straps, sealant, and duct tape needed to secure ductwork properly after installing dampers. 


Your home can benefit from duct cleaning for a variety of reasons. Routine maintenance, installing proper filtration systems, and sealing ductwork is the most effective solutions.

How can you maintain a clean HVAC system with proper functioning? Seek the advice of a certified HVAC specialist to clean your ac today for better results. Contact Pluspoint Cleaning Services for more.

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