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We offer our clients a cost-effective, responsive, and high-quality cleaning service through a diverse range of commercial, retail, industrial, and government, offices, and medical environments.

We commit ourselves to quality and innovation Also, each member is responsible for a specific cleaning task in each of the premises. we are servicing It has resulted in significant time savings as the staff works efficiently as specialists in their particular areas.

We achieve excellence in partnership with our clients by being proactive and listening to our client's needs.

Office Cleaning

Researchers have found that clean offices tend to be more productive than untidy ones. A clean office will make it less likely for employees to become ill and to make the whole place more healthy. Regular cleaning sessions should therefore be scheduled at your workplace. You will likely have to clean your carpets, floors, and windows after a long day or hire staff to do this for you.This is where we can help: our high quality cleaning personnel will come to your office at a time convenient for you, and thoroughly clean every inch of your office. Check out our office cleaning services here

Schools and Nurseries Cleaning

Dirt and grime promote the spread of germs, which can also encourage the spread of communicable diseases. A clean school is crucial to ensure that children and teachers don’t get sick. Each part of the school should be thoroughly cleaned, and surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Without a clean environment, bacteria and other harmful germs thrive. So, maintaining cleanliness in school is vital for many reasons. In any environment, we offer professional school cleaning services that deliver excellent results with the least possible disruption to your programs. We use environmentally friendly disinfectants & cleaning products to ensure any surface is clean enough to eat from. Avail the details of our services here

Restaurants & Hotels Cleaning

Providing guests with a clean eating area is almost as important as serving the right food. It shows that you care and want your customers to have a good time while they are dining. In an unclean facility, food safety is questioned and concerns are raised about management. With professional commercial kitchen cleaning, you can reduce the risk of food poisoning, minimise fire hazards, and delight customers.  Using our exclusive cleaning system, we can disinfect your restaurant from top to bottom, including hard-to-reach areas, making sure your space is safe, sanitised, and ready to receive your customers.
Click here for details of our services 

Medical Facility Cleaning

In every healthcare setting, clean environments protect millions of people's health every day. A medical facility must meet the highest standards of cleanliness, beyond what might be expected in our own homes or even in a restaurant. In order to maintain these high standards of cleanliness, they often bring in professional cleaners.
Our hospital cleaning services are focused on ensuring the building is clean to a very high standard and is safe for visitors, staff, and patients. For more on our services, check here

Our team of cleaning professionals cares deeply about the safety of our customers and their places. The products we use are environmentally friendly, and we do not use toxic cleaning products that pose a threat to the health of people using your space. Our services are provided in a prompt manner, so that our clients can rest assured that their requests will be handled promptly.

We provide Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly services as well. Please contact us for more details

Deep Cleaning Services |Post Construction Cleaning | Abu Dhabi

Regular Deep Cleaning

While regular deep cleaning services may assist you in removing dust and dirt from the surface, deep cleaning your home once every three months is still necessary. Your home will smell better and be free of hard-to-remove dirt and grime after a deep cleaning. In contrast to standard home cleaning services, deep cleaning services for homes We clean the hard-to-reach places that regular housekeeping cannot.

Interior Deep Cleaning Services In Dubai

Pluspoint specializes in providing interior deep cleaning services in Dubai for residential and commercial places. We have a highly trained deep cleaning staff with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our deep cleaning professionals make sure to clean the areas which, are not covered in regular cleaning.

  • Pressure wash and Floor Deep Cleaning.
  • Mirrors/Windows fixtures cleaned-interior.
  • Dust control mopping.
  • Floor scrubbing all floors except wooden floors.
  • Cleaning of all closets and cupboards.
  • Vacuum and dusting.
  • Steam cleaning- floor, kitchen & bathroom tiles, sinks, bathtub & bathroom fixtures.
  • Sanitization – kitchen, bathroom, balcony, bedrooms, living room.
  • Floor scrubbing all floors except wooden floors.
  • Furniture spray & polishing.
  • All rooms general cleaning.
  • Machinery used Includes floor scrubber, pressure wash, vacuum, and steamer.

Exterior Deep Cleaning

We provide a full line of exterior deep cleaning services in Dubai for residential and commercial spaces, and our staff are experts in outdoor glass window cleaning and pressure washing.

  • Exterior window glass cleaning for villas & residential windows only
  • Exterior floor cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Exterior wall washing
  • General outdoor cleaning
  • BBQ Area cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Area cleaning
  • Pressure Washing of Roof Top cleaning

Movie In/Out Deep Cleaning

Our team is trained to clean and disinfect all surfaces when providing a deep clean service. We never compromise when it comes to providing a quality service, which is why Pluspoint was ranked as one of the best deep cleaning service companies in Dubai. knows how messy and exhausting a move in or move out can be. We can help take some of the burden off of you with our move in or move out deep clean services. An empty residence isn't always the cleanest because it harbors so many germs

VIlla & Appartment Deep Cleaning

Pluspoint offers superior quality apartment and villa deep cleaning services for all residential areas, whether it be an apartment or a villa, you can trust Pluspoint to be your reliable service provider.

Pluspoint deep cleaning team is extremely experienced in working in the finest villas, apartments, and residences. They work with the best of the best products to protect your delicate materials and surfaces such as furnishings, marble floors, antique décor pieces, and more.

Our staff is also highly trained to follow your instructions and work as quickly and efficiently as possible while making sure that each and every nook and corner of your household is clean, sparkling and, spotless.

Full Home Deep Cleaning

Everyone cleans on a regular basis, but is that enough? There is a lot more dirt than what our eyes can see, and regular cleaning only removes the dirt on the surface.

With dedicated professional teams that deep clean homes in the most effective and time-saving manner, Pluspoint specializes in offering complete home deep cleaning services in Dubai.

The girth behind the curtains, the dirt behind the windows, the stains on the floors and carpets, and any other hard-to-reach or neglected areas are cleaned by our team members.

Pluspoint is aware of common client concerns; Not having enough time to monitor employees, losing valuables, misplacing things, and inconvenience are just a few examples. We make it our goal to alleviate the majority of our customers' concerns by ensuring that all of our dependable employees have received instruction on how to safely store or return all of the household goods and equipment to their original positions after the cleanup. Our timings are likewise adaptable so you can plan Pluspoint dependable administrations according to your timetable.

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