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Best Air Duct Cleaning Services Dubai

Your air conditioning unit needs regular AC Duct cleaning to function efficiently and safely. A clean AC Duct or coil prevents you from allergies and asthma attacks. Check out the best AC Duct Cleaning Services now to clean your AC. Our 100% eco-friendly products will clean your entire AC duct. After Duct Cleaning we will disinfect your place with Dubai Municipality approved Eco friendly chemical Experts say an uncleaned duct can contain lots of dust mites and cause allergic reduction to all.


Why Pluspoint?

We are the leading AC Duct Cleaning Services in UAE and we provide the highest quality cleaning services for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We strive to ensure complete client satisfaction with our services. Our skilled professionals use advanced technologies for duct cleaning. With regular cleaning, your entire AC Duct system works properly. Book a Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services Dubai to clean your AC Today. Irregular Maintenance can increase your electricity bill. We also offer Annual Maintenance Services for Residential and commercial cleaning services, disinfection services, and water-tank cleaning services. Plus point Cleaning is a professional cleaning service company based in Dubai with more than 5 years of industry experience.  Duct Cleaning removes pet dander, dust scraps and other air particles like smoke, fungus, etc., which leads to breathing issues for humans.

How Our Ac Duct Cleaning Service Works

  • Pre-work comprehensive check site survey if AC has full functions
  • A thorough protective plastic covering for your furnishings and equipment
  • All supply and return grills/vents/diffusers removed neatly
  • All vents/grills/diffusers cleaned before re-installation
  • Mechanical cleaning of Air Duct System by rotating contact brush with HEPA filter system and vacuum
  • Thorough fogging of ducts with EPA-registered sanitizer, deodorizer
  • Re-installation and sealing with silicon of all cleaned vents/grills/diffusers
  • Cleaning, flushing, and disinfection of coils, filters, and drainage pan to prevent leaking
  • Post work to clean up and round-up materials, equipment, and small debris
  • A comprehensive work completion report with before and after photos.

Complete AC Duct Cleaning Dubai Same Day Service 

If you live in Dubai, you think that the air you breathe indoors is clean, think again. 95% of the time you are indoors in an air-conditioned room. According to a recent survey by the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is five times more toxic than outdoor air. Regular AC Duct cleaning helps to avoid allergies and asthma. The dust in uncleaned ducts can contain dust mites, insect feces, etc. Book AC Duct Cleaning Services Now, our experienced technicians efficiently remove all the dirt. Uncleaned AC ducts can cause a foul smell easily. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt, dust, slime, debris, and mould. Your Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is the major collector of dirt and dust. It can cause health-related issues easily. Regular cleaning is useful to avoid health-related issues.

Benefits of AC Duct Cleaning

  • Energy Savings

Regular cleaning helps to breathe easily and you are likely to save on electricity bills. Your furnace and your air conditioner won’t have to be hard in summer, doing regular cleaning are enough to maintain your Air Condition normally. Get your AC Duct cleaned by expert technicians through AC Duct Cleaning Dubai. Book now and get excellent service from us. Helps everyone to breathe Easier Periodic Air Duct cleaning creates a comfortable environment for all and promotes well-being. Everyone can breathe easily without any problems. By keeping the coil clean, dirt and debris can be removed, which allows the air conditioner to provide adequate cooling. 

  • Allergy Relief

Air Ducts contain harmful contaminants, dust, and micro-organisms. It also contains toxins, bacteria, mildew, pollen, mold spores, etc. People with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues are particularly sensitive to airborne particles, thus regular cleaning is beneficial. It removes Pollen, Dust mites & Irritants.

  • Remove all Contaminants

Duct cleaning professionals will find all kinds of unhealthy things in ventilation, they will remove 

  • Mold
  • Insects
  • Odors
  • Dead Critters
  • Rodent Droppings 

Duct cleaning removes all the dust and grime along with any odors. Cleaning regularly to avoid health issues. Pluspoint Cleaning makes your AC clean without dirt and dust. Better air, better life…

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