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Water Tank Cleaning Services In Dubai

We have professionals who worked on more than 1500 projects in water tank cleaning. Our experts follow advanced cleaning methods to accomplish the cleaning tasks. Our team has completed countless projects and fulfilled client demands over the years. Our world-class quality services are delivered on time with customer satisfaction. We have provided our service for villas, hotels, Hospitals, gyms, Sport Facilities, Residential apartments, offices, and Industrial Premises. To prevent various infections from occurring, our trained professionals clean both the interior and exterior of the water tank thoroughly. Plus Point is one of the leading Water Tank Cleaning Services In Dubai. Acidic properties are inspected and cleaned, which is helpful to eliminate the health risk. We also clean the concrete tanks, underground water tanks, Industrial Water tanks, swimming pool water tanks, Molded Fiberglass Tanks, etc.

Why Plus Point Cleaning for your Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai?

We offer quality service at an affordable prices. We will do cleaning for household and industrial water tanks. Our Cleaning ensures 99.9% bacterial free water tanks. 

You can reach us through a call or register for an appointment online with valid information. We will revert back to you ASAP. 

We are using Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals for cleaning and water solutions to disinfect the tank’s internal surfaces. All types of water storage tanks can also be serviced and maintained by us.

Say No to Contaminated Water

Are you suddenly experiencing a pungent smell, discoloration, and change in water taste? Stop consuming contaminated water to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle. Water purity is essential for the long-term use of your home and appliances. 

Advantages of Hiring Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services:

  • A minimal amount of water is used during the cleaning process.
  • Only Approved chemicals were used for the cleaning
  • Clean tanks must compliance the statutory requirements that eliminate bad odours, viruses and bacteria.

Our Water Tank Cleaning Process in Dubai

Regular Water tank Cleaning is necessary for our daily use. With our efficient, safe, and rapid services, we ensure our clients that we are available 24/7. Our staffs are knowledgeable and we fulfill all your needs. 

Step 1: Inspection

Firstly, we will inspect the cleaning location.

Step 2: Dewatering

A suction unit is used to remove the water then we prepare ourselves for cleaning both the internal and external sides of the water tank. 

Step 3: Sludge Removal

The water tanks are scrubbed by both machines and manually to remove all dirt, fungus, mud, pollutants and other contaminated materials. Special Cleaning kits are used to remove the sludges. 

Step 4: Vacuum Cleaning

In the next step, the water tank is vacuumed to ensure that no dirt or sludge is left in the tank.

Step 5: Anti-Bacterial Spray

Our next step is to perform the disinfection, which is done according to the DM standard, and then a submersible pump is used to remove detergents used for cleaning. Regular Cleaning and Disinfection kill all the pathogens and contaminants in the water.

Step 6: UV Treatment

At last, Ultra Violet (UV) rays are used to destroy the microorganisms. 

Finally, you can use water for drinking and household processes.

Detailed reports of the services including before/after images of the cleaned tank will be shared with the customer. According to Dubai Municipality guidelines, our water tank cleaning services in Dubai use chlorine to treat the water system which acts against legionella contamination. 

Pipeline Chlorination / Pipeline Disinfection

Biofilm is a layer of microorganisms attached to the inner wall of the water distribution frame, which multiplies rapidly. As a result, it is extremely important to maintain a clean water system frame to prevent bacterial growth. Regular observations are essential to avoid the formation of dirt, debris, and fungi in the pipeline. According to the guidelines of the Dubai Municipality, to minimize Legionella contamination, water samples will be tested by a third-party laboratory (DM approved) from multiple locations, including TBC and Legionella laboratory testing. The residual chlorine in the water is at least 1-2 mg/liter after it has been treated with chlorine.

After the last chlorine flush, the water tank will be filled with new freshwater and pass through all the pipes. Book our cleaning service in Dubai for your water tank today!

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